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In compliance with Hanoi People’s Committee Directive on the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic and the 5K message of the Ministry of Health, Ciputra Club will apply new regulations as follow. We look forward to receiving your cooperation to join hands to fight the Covid-19 epidemic.

Sincerely thank you!!

Notification: Golf practice course opens normally from 26th 2021

According to Directive No. 2006/UBNDD-KGVX of the City People’s Committee, Ciputra Golf Practice Course will be open to serve you from 9:00 on June 26th 2021. From June 27th, opening hours is from 6:00 – 21:00

To ensure your safety and comply with the rules of epidemic prevention, we ask that you cooperate in implementing the following regulations:

1, Book before going to the training ground (follow the notice below).

2, Make medical declarations through QRCode, use Ncov & Bluezone, be responsible for the declared information if Covid 19 infection occurs.

3, Guests must not use the practice lane or stay on the field for more than 90 minutes.

4, Suggest customers keep their distance at least 2m; and wear a mask even while exercising

.5, Do not use the locker area during this time.Ciputra club would like to refuse to serve in case customers do not comply with the above regulations.

Yoga class for spinal therapy

Time: every Friday evening from 18:00 to 19:00, starting from 26/03/2021

People at risk of spinal disease are reported to be more than 60% of the population, especially postpartum women, office workers, hard workers, sedentary office workers. .- The Yoga spine therapy will help us prevent diseases that are likely to occur with the spine and improve diseases of the spine and the muscles related to the spine.

Who should join the classes:Spinal therapy yoga is a subject designed for people with spinal problems, degenerative spinal diseases, back pain, neck and neck pain, muscle tension, back muscle injury

Effects of spinal therapy yoga:

  • Enhance self-healing, self-training to have a flexible body
  • Train a healthy spine, prevent bone and joint diseases
  • Releases muscles and spine from soreness, without the help of other people or machines
  • Perfect natural health enhancement, which helps the body to recover itself without relying too much on drugs
  • Improve mental health, bring refreshment, provide a natural source of abundant energy for the body.
  • Forging endurance, endurance

Preventing the spread of Covid-19

To prevent the coming back of COVID-19, Ciputra Club’s customers who come to practice at Ciputra Club must comply with the following regulations:

  • Wear a medical mask
  • Cooperate with Ciputra staff to check their temperature at the entrance of the Club
  • Wash hands with antiseptic before and after training. We have put antiseptic hand sanitizer at all our receptions, changing room.Tks for your cooperation;

2021 Lunar New Year Holiday Notice

Ciputra Club would like to inform to our valued members our holiday work schedule as below:

February 11th 2021: Gym & Driving Range open for operation from 06:00 to 12:00. Swimming Pool close

February 12th 2021: Closing day

February 13th 2021: Gym & Driving Range open for operation from 12:30 to 20:30. Swimming Pool close

From February 14th 2021 to February 16th 2021: Gym, Fitness & Swimming Pool open for operation from 8:30 to 20:30

From February 17th 2021: Open as normal from 6:00 to 22:00All GX classes close from 10/2 to 16/2/2021

May you & your family have a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year!!


Let ??????? ???? learn how to use the exercise machine and tips to get the best results

Step 1: Put your feet up, toes open at an angle of 30⁰

Step 2: Open the pedal latch up so that the foot does not lock the knee joint

Step 3: Inhale and squeeze the core (core of gravity) and slowly lower your legs so that your shins and thighs are 90⁰ square. Then, pedal back to the original position

Step 4: Repeat the movement 8-12 times / set, between sets should rest for 60-90 seconds and perform 3-4 sets.

Customers can contact PT directly for the most specific instructions, for any questions, contact Hotline: 0243.743.0666 or inbox Ciputra Club directly:

Ah Yat Abalone – Special offers for Ciputra Club’s members

Ah Yat Abalone – a restaurant specializing in Chinese cuisine such as fish dishes, abalone, bird’s nest, especially Dim Sum dishes skillfully prepared by famous chefs from Hong Kong. The restaurant serves a la carte menu or buffet dimsum as you like

Just be Ciputra Club member for 6 months or more, members will get:

  • Discount 10% on total bill when enjoying at the restaurant
  • Discount 15% for customers who book a party

Note: customers must bring Ciputra Club membership card to the restaurant for meals to be eligible for the offer

Ah Yat Abalone – 2nd floor of Ciputra Club, located in Nam Thang Long international urban area (Ciputra)

⏳ Service period: From 10:00 am – 09:30 pm daily

☎️ Tel: 0908771166