March – The season of Bauhinia Variegata - Ciputra Club

March – The season of Bauhinia Variegata

The end of February & the first of March is the time when Bauhinia Variegata is in full bloom. Along all the Ciputra roads, the petal blend into light cloud, which makes everyone enchanted.

Like a northwest corner in the middle of international city, this flower quietly blossom, expose the outstanding & pure beauty. On these days, It’s easy to observe many more people coming across and taking pictures with Bauhinia Variegata. Despite of not the flowers coming from Hanoi, Bauhinia Veriegata still makes them rather cherish this area by expecting the blossom time of this flower.

If you want to find a private space to gather with your acquaintances, families on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Ciputra Club is the ideal place to be chosen, where you can save the beautiful moment with the Bauhinia Veriegata and enjoy the healthy dishes from The Gate Lounge & Life Style or Dimsum from Ah Yat Abalone.