Yoga class for spinal therapy - Ciputra Club

Yoga class for spinal therapy

Time: every Friday evening from 18:00 to 19:00, starting from 26/03/2021

People at risk of spinal disease are reported to be more than 60% of the population, especially postpartum women, office workers, hard workers, sedentary office workers. .- The Yoga spine therapy will help us prevent diseases that are likely to occur with the spine and improve diseases of the spine and the muscles related to the spine.

Who should join the classes:Spinal therapy yoga is a subject designed for people with spinal problems, degenerative spinal diseases, back pain, neck and neck pain, muscle tension, back muscle injury

Effects of spinal therapy yoga:

  • Enhance self-healing, self-training to have a flexible body
  • Train a healthy spine, prevent bone and joint diseases
  • Releases muscles and spine from soreness, without the help of other people or machines
  • Perfect natural health enhancement, which helps the body to recover itself without relying too much on drugs
  • Improve mental health, bring refreshment, provide a natural source of abundant energy for the body.
  • Forging endurance, endurance