Setting up for Success: Creating an Athletic Posture

Setting up for Success: Creating an Athletic Posture

The purpose of correct preparation is to set off a chain reaction of good positions and motion through the swing. If you are wrong positions at the start then the reaction activated is going to require manipulation by the body to get the club on track.


The body must be placed in such a way to encourage good balance during the swing and “Good balance is common in all good swings”. We need dynamic balance to allow the shifting of the weight from a nearly Centre point back to the right side and then back to the left. “To do this you must achieve good body angles at address”.


Good Posture is the key link to building an athletic golf swing and it allows us to swing the club on a consistent plane.

Posture Drill

  1. Address ball with feet shoulder width apart. Flex your knees until one can see only the front half of the shoes.
  2. Hold the club straight out, and then let the arms fall until they touch your chest.
  3. Then bend from the hip socket so that the club reaches the ground.
  4. The weight should be felt in the balls of your feet and so that the arms hang naturally and the hands are under beneath the chin.

By performing these drills on a regular basis they will cement the foundations of an athletic set up.

Source: LGA Vietnam