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Rotating behind the ball

Chuyen nguoc trong tam

Some of you will for sure have heard of a ‘reverse pivot’. This is a common mistake that many amateur golfers will have and is considered one of the more difficult issues to solve in a full swing. Nevertheless, the explanation is fairly easy.

A reverse pivot happens when the upper body at the top of the backswing is tilted towards the target.
There are a couple of reasons for this depending on your swing. The most common mistake is that the player is sliding or ‘swaying’ the hips to the right throughout the backswing and this makes the upper. body tilt towards the target as a counter reaction. The moment that happens you can lose control over the length of the backswing and most reverse pivot players will have overly long backswing.
The reason for the sliding is mostly that the player does not have the initial rotation feeling with his core while moving the club away from the ball. If you would rotate your middle, the club would be put on the correct plane more easily. Because of the sliding you will see the head move towards the target and this is where many golfers have the wrong idea.
Your head will move towards the right in the backswing and to the left into the finish position. Your head does not stay still!! So when you are now rotating better in the backswing you will be able to move your head to the right along with it. This is the true meaning of rotating behind the ball. Your back will be tilted away from the target.
Imagine you would throw a ball away. You would also first go right and then move your body left to throw it really far. The same principle applies to golf. When you are now rotated into your right you can then transfer all the weight and power build up into impact and later to the finish position by shifting your weight left and unwinding the body.
It is not the easiest problem to fix as mentioned but with the pictures and the correct understanding you can now practice in front of a mirror a couple of times to create a good backswing behind the ball feeling.





By: LGA Vietnam