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The big reason why so many golfers struggle with their driver shot is because the length of the club shows the mistakes of the swing the most.

The driver being the longest club in the golf bag will create the highest swing speed and with higher speed your control will reduce.
The big difference between the iron shot and the driver-fairway woods shot is that with the irons we will have a downward blow onto the ball. With the woods and especially with the driver we mainly hit more up on the ball.
This is for many players the big problem as most amateurs come steep onto the ball or out to in as they would say. So to help you come more from the inside and thus swing more up on the ball we need some small changes. Starting off with how we will address the ball different than with the irons and as an effect our swing will differ in a couple of ways.
When teeing up the ball make sure that the half of the ball is matching the top of the driver face. What is different with the drivers made these days is that the actual sweet spot lies higher in the face then years ago. The sweet spot is just higher than the middle of the face so when you hit the ball it is more preferred to hit it right there. There will be less spin from the sweet spot and thus more distance.
Positioning the ball in your stance? If the ball is too far back in your stance you would find it extremely difficult to get your spine behind the ball. Therefore our ball position should be inside of your left heel. This will encourage a more upward hit up on the ball. Positioning your spine more away from the target or tilt slightly more to your right. Your ball flight can be higher or lower depending on how much angle your spine has. Because the club is longer, the shaft will appear shallower in the address. The address will then have an influence on the actual swing itself.
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