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Golf is a swinging motion

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Golf is a non-violent game played violently from within. As I watch golf professionals compete the concept of grip pressure and club head control, made itself to center stage.

The golf club must be swung freely on both sides of the swing. From address to top impact and to the finish. The motion must be uninterrupted and free of stress or tension. Adam Scott demonstrated this important concept throughout the entire week of the 2013 Masters tournament. Grip pressure and holding the club lightly throughout the motion is the secret to swinging freely with no added pressure. The secret is grip pressure.
As you hold your club all golfers have 6 check points in the left hand grip. (1). Golf club is positioned underneath the heel of the hand placing the club in the fingers. This alignment allows your wrist to cock freely on both sides of the swing. (2). Left hand thumb is positioned to the back of center. This position allows the left wrist to flatten on the backswing and squaring the face of the golf club. (3). No gap between the thumb and the base of the left hand. This closed gap allows the golfer to maintain its swing width on both sides of the swing. (4) Right hand lifeline covers the base of the left thumb. The lifeline on the hand puts down word pressure through impact and the club shaft maintains its postured plane through impact. (5) Trigger finger aligned at 3 o’clock. Trigger finger to the back of the shaft is a pressure point and allows the shaft to be forward leaned at impact. (6) No gap between the right hand thumb and the base of the hand. This closed gap will allow the golfer to maintain swing width on both sides.

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A light grip pressure throughout the swinging motion is created by maintaining the 3 grip pressure points. (1). Last three fingers against the heel pad. This maintained pressure stabilizes the club face through the impact area. (2). Right hand lifeline downward onto the left thumb. Swing width must be maintained as this pressure points guarantees its width. (3). Trigger finger to the back of the club. Trigger finger allows the club shaft to be forwarded leaned at impact.

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Focusing on the 3 pressure points will allow soft and free arms throughout the motion and a light grip pressure. Light fingers and wrist activate the cocking motion on both sides of the swing. The club face will rotate naturally and the releases freely through the strike. Holding the club lightly throughout with generate more speed and freedom as you swing the golf club. Six check points and 3 pressure points will give the golfer the opportunity to swing like Adam Scott and free the mind for successful golf.

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(Source: vietnamgolfmagazine)