Golfers ability to create speed will come down to 3 factors

Swoosh for extra Speed!!!

Tour Professionals all hit the ball a great distance, they are now stronger, more athletic and this is improving their ability to hit the ball further. Club head speed one of the determining factors on how far a golfer will hit a ball.

Golfers ability to create speed will come down to 3 factors

  1. Athletic ability
  2. Quality of Swing movement.
  3. Correctly fitted Equipment- it’s important to get the correct length, lie, weight and flex in the shaft.

Swoosh Drill

Fast lower-body rotation on the downswing is essential to creating more club head speed. The lower body is the first thing to move on the downswing as the head, shoulders and back muscles stay back for a split second. The club head lags as a result of the aggressive lower body rotation.  A good drill to increase your club head speed through impact is to do what I call the “swoosh” drill.

In this drill, you should turn the club upside down, and grip the heavy end where the club head is. Just take your normal grip, and swing the club back and forth, just trying to swoosh the handle through the impact area. Try to hear the sound of the swoosh in front of the impact area, and you will find that you will be rotating your body faster and creating more of that desired club head speed. Work on faster lower body rotation and you will soon be hitting the ball farther.

Important points to achieve maximum distance

  • Allow the lower body to initiate the downswing.
  • The Transition period between the backswing and downswing is a key area that helps the club shallow in the downswing and puts the club in a position where the golfer can release the club through the impact area.
  • Releasing the club correctly is important as this allows the golfer to deliver speed he/she has created through the swing and into the ball for maximum distance.

 Alex Smith –  Golf Leadbetter Việt Nam