Get your Putting Relationship Matched

Get your Putting Relationship Matched

The putter face angle at impact and the swing path direction at impact are the critical factors in determining the initial start direction of the ball, as rhythm and timing of the swing are the most important factors for distance control.


Face angle relative to path direction

The preferred putting technique would be a neutral putting stroke where at impact the swing path is parallel to the target line and the putter face is square to the target. However, face angle and putter path direction can also compensate for each other. An open or closed face at impact relative to the putter path direction reflects the amount of compensation needed to make the ball go straight if the stroke is not neutral.

The string line and Putting Template

Direction control starts with a neutral setup position where all body lines are aligned parallel to the intended target line. With a neutral grip the putter face should now exactly point to the target.
A string line and Putting Template provides excellent feedback on Eye placement, swing path direction and initial ball start direction. The string is stretched at a height of about 20 cm exactly over the ball to the center of the target (on straight putts) or to the aim point on breaking putts.


The mat gives you a visual tracking guide to check to see if your putter’s path and face are on-plane both on the backstroke and the forward stroke.
During the putt the putter should be swung back and forth around a stable center of rotation in the upper spine with a stable triangle between shoulders, arms and hands. The putter path through impact will then be parallel to the target line and the putter face will return to impact exactly pointing to the target. This will start the ball straight into the target direction.



Working on these putting fundamentals will be a sure way to make more putts

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